GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Service
Stamps generated since 2014
Million of Benefited Employees
Million stamps issued per month


GTI always at cutting–edge of technology, integration, and compliance with all SAT regulations


  • The functionality included in Sistema TRESS vs The cost per stamp offered by GTI delivers the greater value proposition in Mexico.
  • Timely implementation of all modifications to the CFDI standards and their complements that the SAT has published since 2014, with a minimum amount of modifications to the payroll system.
  • Conciliation of CFDI’s status to verify them directly with the SAT.
  • The PCCs chosen by GTI have complied with all SAT requirements such as technical, process, privacy, and security, etc. to become an authorized PAC.
  • It creates the Auxiliary File number of tax receipts from the stamp administrator portal, complying with the law requirement of generating the XML files with electronic accounting detail.
  • There is no need of having interfaces among Sistema TRESS or Revolution and the PAC or SAT.
  • It is not required to generate and send by email the XML files to the PAC.
  • The chosen PACs are responsible for keeping their interfaces with the SAT to update all new requirements that it might arise.
  • It generates the XML files as well as digitally signed the payroll at once.
  • It includes the storage of all digitally signed payrolls stamped since 2014 at no additional cost.
  • It enables the delivery of the (PDF) and the signed payroll XML to employees either electronically or physically.
  • The receipt downloads can be either by payroll period or by employee.
  • The GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Service works simultaneously with three PACs, with this, we provide certainty and security that the signed payroll will be always available, if one of the PACs fails, the other two would sign the payroll automatically.
  • Inherit the wide user's controls, passwords and roles of Sistema TRESS and Revolution on the cloud which are appreciated by companies under the SOX law (Sarbanes Oxley Act).
  • Only authorized employees can stamp and look up information relating to digitally signed payroll in Sistema TRESS and Revolution on the cloud.
  • The information travels thru the internet in an encrypted way using the SSL protocol.
  • It requires the valid CSD of the Taxpayer to generate the Services Prevision Agreement (before Manifest letter) between the Contributor and the PAC.
  • It proves the Taxpayer CSD validity to be able to stamp the payroll.
  • It alerts the user when the CSD is about to expire.
  • It notifies via email about the pending payroll stamp.
  • Remember that nowadays +ORDEN is a commercial priority “Includes the Employees Portal +ORDEN" where all your employees may access, review, and download all its payroll receipts from any device with internet access just by clicking the following www.masorden.com
  • Personalized receipt: It allows the combination of the original payroll receipts with the stamp ones into a single document complying with the Labor and Tax requirements.
  • Stamp portal administrator for consulting records, balances, and logs of the stamp.
  • Access to consult the data of users enrolled in +ORDEN and know if an employee already saw its receipt.
  • Send documents from stamped files via email for those customers who choose this modality.
  • Our Digitally Signed Payroll Service has complied in a timely manner with all changes issued by SAT since 2014.
  • +ORDEN app allow and ease employees to view their stamped payroll slips.
  • A platform that enables the company to administrate its stamped payroll as well the pay slips their employees consult.
  • Digitally Signed Conciliator that validates and corrects any discrepancies among the stamped receipts.
  • The Digitally Signed Payroll process is a powerful tools that identifies any errors before the payroll is run.
  • Employee’s RFC online verification since the hiring process.
  • Digitally signed testing process that generates the XML for its preliminary review.

Digitally Signed Payroll Service




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Frequently Asked Questions  
See the comparison chart to discover some of the advantages of the GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Service.
Comercio Digita S. de R.L. de C.V. and Prodigia Proceso Digital Administrativo, S.A. de C.V. To know more about our CFDIs providers visit
1. http://www.sat.gob.mx/informacion_fiscal/factura_electronica/Paginas/pac_sistemas_comercio_digital.aspx
2. http://www.sat.gob.mx/informacion_fiscal/factura_electronica/Paginas/pac_prodigia.aspx
GTI assigns the PAC that will be used in each process with every customer, with the main purpose to increase the speed of the signing process and to balance the processing loads to avoid or diminish interruptions in the service due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance.

Our CFDI providers are fully capable of digitally signed your payroll without any risk in a fast and secure way.

Immediately once both have signed the adhesion contract.

Con 2 PCC se cumple el objetivo de incrementar la capacidad y disminuir riesgos todos los clientes.

It mentions the commercial relationship between the new PCC and GTI; it also states the firm commitment towards all GTI customers that are using, or will be using our Digitally Signed Payroll Services.

Unfortunately, the adhesion contract cannot be adapted to each customer. These contracts have been reviewed in detailed by both legal departments the PACs and GTIs to ensure all taxpayer data protection and to comply with the guidelines set out by the SAT.

You need the following information the CSD Files (.csd; .key; .cer), Private key password, and the name and RFC of the Legal Representative) which is the same information that you used to sign the Manifest Letter for the first PCC.

If you do not sign a contract with any PAC, eventually, the PACs will stop the service (as a measure to protect their register before the SAT) to those companies who have not signed the contract. The SAT granted the year 2018 as grace period to sign a contract, but GTI recommends signing it before such time to comply in time with all new requirements.

That letter is kept in the PAC and GTI files, and it is available to all taxpayer in the Digitally Signed Payroll System. For more info about how to get the letter, please call your GTI certified consultant or your authorized distributor.

GTI assigns the PAC that will be used in each process with every customer, with the main purpose to increase the speed of the signing process and to balance the processing loads to avoid or diminish interruptions in the service due to scheduled or unscheduled maintenance



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