An integral scheme that enables knowing the best solutions that will cover your needs reducing time on payroll processes.


Assign to employees a payroll type as well as job allowances and benefits depending on their position or hiring agreement.


Generate, adjust, and approve the pre-payroll to determine the total amount of the hours that will be paid to the employees.


Calculate the payroll by taking as a basis the pre-payroll and register the amount exceptions, loans and credits deductions besides complying with the law.


Make precise worker-employer withholds and keep detailed records of INFONAVIT credits; export and reconcile to the SUA.


It signs your payroll and keeps a record of it, besides complying with the law.


Reports for audits with data related to payroll.


Schedule and send email reports to a specific person or a group of people.


A self-service app where employees can review their employment data. (paystubs, vacations, permits, sick/maternal leaves and more).


Keep detailed control over job performed by the employee especially for industries such as agriculture (kilos/boxes collected); Educational institutions (classes given) or Carriers (kilometers/ routes traveled).

Additional Services and Products


It automates processes among areas and employees of the company.

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Review your pay slips, vouchers, vacations and more from your mobile device.

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GTI Digitally Signed
Payroll Service

Stamp your payroll receipts with cutting-edge technology and comply with the law.

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Terminals and peripheral that helps to control time and attendance.

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