Annual Software Maintenance Policy (PAMS)

The Annual Software Maintenance Policy gives you many benefits such as the latest versions of Sistema TRESS and its upgrades during a full year. Every year GTI has the full commitment to support their customers to comply in time and manner with all new law requirements. By having a PAMS of System TRESS your company will keep its investment updated, and it will achieve its goals by complying with the employees and the law obligations.


Make sure you are up-to-date.

Your processes will always be in compliance with regulations and law changes.

Avoid big expenses for unexpected situations.

2010. New features of Sistema TRESS, Fonacot version 2010. DC3 and DC4 formats generation Annual comparative and perceptions and retentions letter.

2011. New version of Sistema TRESS Documents digitalization Import of affiliating changes Tool to simply INFONAVIT credits management.

2012. Re-classification of wages per geographic zone SUA version Sistema TRESS upgrades TRESS Enlinea Payroll founds Medical expenses insurance management.

2013. Training & Competency Solution: In accordance with the STPS Improvements on processes in HR: vacations, permits, medical expenses, INFONAVIT. Organization chart and Civil protection chart.

2014. GTI Digitally Signed Service: Since January 2014, our customers stamped they payroll to make them tax-deductible. Compatible with 64 bits technology. Sistema TRESS is now compatible with Workflow on the cloud; its implementations are faster and stronger.

2015. Sistema TRESS has new functionalities +ORDEN app is released. New features for Workflow on the cloud. New strategies for TRESS Digitally Signed Payroll Service focused on +ORDEN.

2016. New features for Sistema TRESS, WFN, GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Service as well as +ORDEN. In compliance with the new CFDI payment method according to the Annex 20 of law and new regulations for the digitally signed payroll (PCCs).

2017. Sistema TRESS and +ORDEN has new features GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Service new version 3.3 of payroll’s CFDI New SUA version 3.4.9 New version of 3.2 of complement 1.2 of payroll's CFDI.

For Digitally Signed Payroll Service a PAMS is a must.

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