An integral scheme that enables the identification of the best solutions to check the employees consumption in the cafeteria for an accurate payroll deduction.


Manage all employees cafeteria consumptions without any other data resource.


Validate the company's cafeteria policies to authorize or deny consumption, and keep detailed control over employees consumption.


Automate cafeteria consumption for fast and easy payroll deductions.


It enables validation of rules related to employees attendance, for instance, reject cafeteria consumption if the employee is on vacations.


By using IDs with barcode, proximity, biometric or facial recognition identification is easy to collect all employees entries and exits.


Employees attendance review in real-time with GTI terminals.


Get reports of general consumption per day, week or employee to pay the accurate amount to the caterer.


Automatic reports to notify meals consumption for payroll deductions.


A self-service app which enables employees to review their meals consumption.

Additional Services and Products


It automates processes among areas and employees of the company.

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Review your pay slips, vouchers, vacations and more from your mobile device.

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GTI Digitally Signed
Payroll Service

Stamp your payroll receipts with cutting-edge technology and comply with the law.

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Terminals and peripheral that helps to control time and attendance.

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