Labor is a measurement system that allows having detailed control of the cost and distribution of labor in the production floor. It enables the measurement and monitoring concepts such as cost, efficiency, productivity and use of labor through a variety of dimensions.

What can you do and consult with the Labor solution?

● Fully configurable terminology.

● Integration with production planning systems.

● Definition of workstations.

● Creation of several operations to manufacture a product.

● Using work orders (optional).

● Allocation of daily groups.

● Use of inspection cards (optional).

● The access to the module of Labor is through the interface with the user of the module of Supervisors, from which it’s possible

- To assign employees to work areas (assign them to a supervisor and to a workstation)

- Multiple area changes of the staff on the same day

- Capture of production cedula, downtime, and special works

● Work defined by levels of the organization chart.


Data Sheet

Funcionalidades y servicios adicionales

Workflow en la nube

Se enfoca en establecer la relación y comunicación entre empleados y la empresa.

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Consulta tus recibos nómina, información laboral y personal.

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Servicio de Timbrado GTI

Timbra los recibos de nómina con tecnología de vanguardia y cumpliendo las regulaciones del SAT

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Terminales y periféricos que ayudan a el control y registro de asistencia

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