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Access Gate

Manages security for company access boasting a graphic user interface that identifies via photograph the person entering or exiting the facilities.  It allows validation of entries, exits, and its authorizations, thus providing support to the security department in their task of determining which employees may enter or exit the premises.

What can you do and consult with the Access Gate solution?

● It increases company’s security by identifying which employees may enter or exit the premises. 

● Access policy can easily translate into rules integrated within the system configuration scheme, and validated at the moment an employee arrives or leaves, providing a record of late arrivals, early leaves, authorizations, etc.

● Access policy strictness is customizable as well. 

● The result of the entry or exit validation may be a welcome message (green light), a warning (yellow light), or to deny access (red light).

● Communication with proximity and barcode readers through serial ports to identify employees via their ID badges.

● It allows the company to review which personnel is on company’s premises at any given moment with reports by plant, department, area, etc.

● It can be set up in several access gates within the company, providing flexibility to manage security in more than one point of entry.

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