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It automates the calculation of the payment to employees aligned with attendance records for a correct fulfillment of tax obligations.  It connects all previously registered information in other modules of the system for processes related to payroll.

What can you do and consult with the payroll solution?

● Configuration of different pay periods: daily, weekly, 10-day, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly.

●  Management of different corporate names and IMSS identification number. 

●  Implementation of payroll by piecework or commission.

●  Configuration of electronic pay at any bank.

●  Calculation of gross salaries to net wages.

●  Calculation of value of vouchers and payment of vouchers.

●  Automatic calculation of wages, deductions, loans, and debt.

●  Automatic generation of payroll accounting policy.

●  Calculation of employer-employee contributions.

●  Determinations of taxed or tax-exempt status. 

●  Sums to pay for terminations or settlements.

●  Calculation of annual processes such as: annual tax statement, holiday bonus, and PTU.

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