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Digitally Signed Payroll

The GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Service verifies the information and proves the payroll receipt (CFDI or Digital tax receipt). It also adds the digital sign, which confirms that such payroll has been certified and ready to comply with any fiscal regulation.

What can you do and consult with the GTI Digitally Payroll Service?

●  It complies with the requirement of having a portal for views /downloads of pay slips for your employees.

●  It meets the criteria of 5 years storage for all pay slips signed.

●  It has full integration with all GTI solutions.

●  It facilitates the digital views and printing of all pay slips.

●  It is protected by the SSL Protocol (Only authorized users can sign and view information related to the GTI Digitally Signed Payroll Service or Revolution on the Cloud).

●  Easy to log in from any electronic device with Internet access.

●  Customized receipt, it enables the blending of payroll slip data with the stamped information all in a single document.

●  It offers guarantee and security in the service by having two certified PCCs.

●  The administer portal of digitally signed payroll enables you to view records, sign balances, sign logs, users subscribed to +ORDEN and more.

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