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We know that payroll is crucial for your Company!


Sistema TRESS will help you to manage your employees, control time & attendance and to process the payroll by automating your processes and complying with the law.





  • Built-in System
    Its integration avoids double data inputs and the use of several interfaces.
  • Adaptability
    It adjusts to any type of industry, HR policies, and payroll.
  • Scalability
    It can operate in local and remote networks; it even fits the business growth.
  • User-friendly interface
    It has online help tools that provide support when interacting with the system.
  • Security
    It keeps data protected at all times, and only authorized users can have access.
  • Law Compliance
    It ensures timely compliance with current tax, state, and labor laws.
  • Training
    Live courses available, taught by an expert in Sistema TRESS. *Additional cost when purchasing the system.


Learn more about the many features we have to help you to find the perfect solution or solutions that best fit your company’s needs.



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GTI Consultancy

Our consultant team is your best ally to find the solution that perfectly suits all your company’s needs.


We offer face-to-face courses taught by a certified consultant that will allow an optimal system operation.

Technical support

Our support team will help you to clear any doubts or questions by either phone, e-mail or live chat.


  • "The system always keep us up-to-date about the new law requirements"

    Lizeth Sahagú
    Payroll Accountant -Hubbell / Cd. Juárez
  • "The system meets our expectations"

    Magda Tapia
    System Assistant - Black & Decker / Reynosa
  • "The system is good, and its platform is very stable and secure; also the GTI terminals are excellent"

    Ivan Medrano
    IT Manager - Corning
  • "The Report Writer solution has been very helpful"

    Salvador Villanueva
    Costs accountant - BBB Automotive Maquiladora / Reynosa



GTI solutions in compliance with the law




  •  It controls your processes security
  • Plan your goals and improve decision-making
  • It improves your employees’ services and increases productivity
  • It facilitates information handling and flows
  • It reduces administrative costs
  • It complies in a timely manner with the law obligations






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and experience the joy of improving lives



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