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Nowadays, we have a privileged place in the market, because we create products and services that help different business segments, technologies preferences or ways to manage their company or outsource it.

and Features

  • Scheme
  • Implementation
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Security level
  • Support and Communication
  • Training
  • Upgrade
  • In compliance with the law

  • Concept configurations (payroll, reports, and new schemes)
  • Acquisition


On the cloud
Revolution on the cloud

  • On the cloud
  • Remote
  • In charge of GTI
  • High
  • E-mail / Phone / Remote / Chat
  • Online 24/7
  • Immediate
  • Insured with monthly rental

  • By project executive and support team.
    Some reports can be collected by the customer

  • Monthly rental
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Client / Server
Sistema TRESS

  • Installed in local server
  • On-site
  • In charge of Customer
  • Combine (Customer and Sistema TRESS)
  • E-mail / Phone / Presence of a service executive
  • On-site
  • Scheduled
  • Insured with an annual software maintenance policy (PAMS)
  • Combine
    (some configuration by the customer, other by project executive or support team)
  • Purchase software license
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Tress Payroll
Outsourcing Service

  • Outsourcing Service
  • Remote
  • In charge of GTI 
  • High/span>
  • E-mail / Phone / Remote
  • N/A
  • Immediate
  • Insured with the service

  • By service executive
  • Monthly rental
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Additional Services and Products

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It automates processes among areas and employees of the company

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GTI Digitally Signed
Payroll Service

Stamp your payroll receipts with cutting-edge technology and comply with the law.

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Solutions that fit - Equipment


Terminals and peripheral that helps to control time and attendance.

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